Lotus Cortina MK1

Sale Price: 

£42 500.00

Condition of Car: 

Superb Condition

Classic Car Sale Status: 

  • Sold
Advertising on behalf on one of our customers this stunning 1966 Lotus Cortina MK1. The car was imported from America round 8 years ago , authenticated by the Lotus Cortina Register and then fully restored. The purchase and restoration cost was way in excess of what we are asking for the car. Its in superb condition and ready to be used. We have the V5, lots or receipts for the restoration work, letter of authentication from the Lotus Cortina Register and original chassis plate. It had a new reproduction one fitted as part of the restoration. Everything has either been refurbished or replaced. It really is a very tidy looking car.
Body - Genuine car which was fully restored when it came into the country. Its solid everywhere with no signs of any rust. Paintwork is very nice and underbonnet and in boot is as good as outside. Underneath is finished in black rather than body colour as the car was built to be used. All bumpers, rubbers, mirrors etc are new. Really good looking car. 
Interior - All standard and how it should be. Seats have been retrimmed, new headlining, door rubbers. All instruments have been tested and checked or repaired as necessary. Very tidy car inside.
Mechanics - When the car was brought in to the country the engine was in bits and deemed unserviceable. A new reconditiuoned engine was bought from Cameron Gilmour Engine Services in Perth. Everything works as it should. Gearbox, brakes and clutch are all good. Stainless exhaust which cost just over £1000 on its own. Again everything underneath is either refurbished or replaced.
Wheels - Standard steels with nearly new tyres.
Lovely example of a Lotus Cortina. Someone has already taken the pain on this one by way of restoration costs so you dont have to. Please feel free to come and see the car. We have a ramp so you can look underneath. Delivery can be arranged if required. Please ask for a quote.
Any questions please ask or call 07879 557668
Thanks for looking


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