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£5 250.00

Condition of Car: 

In need of restoration

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  • Sold

Ford Escort 1600 Sport . RHD import from South Africa in need of restoration. All tax and duty paid and NOVA declaration done. Car starts runs and drives but will need a full restoration. Will need UK registered but we can assist with this process if you buy it. Bit of a scruffy old spud but has potential

Body - Genuine 1600 sport as shown on the build plate with extra strengthening similar to our RS models. Original strut tops, inner wings. Will need repairs in the following areas, full front floor, tunnel, chassis to sill section on rear floor, sills, arches, rear boot wells, centre rails.  The bits that are not rotten are very strong. As they dont use salt on the roads in Africa they generally rot where water can get trapped but its not spread throughout the car like you can find over here. Bodywork is very scruffy. It has been painted and tarted up over the years. Theres definitely evidence of plop, bondo, catty, bog, filler or whatever else you want to call it in the arches and quarters. Best thing to do is to come and see it and we can put it up on the ramp. 
Mechanics - Good 1600 crossflow engine which starts and runs fine. All 1600 sport mechanics with big rear brakes, 4 speed box, weber carb. Starter motor works but sounds terrible so will definitely need replacing. Car does start and run but will need checking over mechanically as African MOT is not as strict
Interior - Original sport seats which need refurbed but not beyond repair. Good headlining, Dashtop has had a repair. Carpet will need replaced. Door cards are original and useable but not perfect.
As mentioned this is a bit of a scruffy old thing but has good project potential. Given that properly well sorted Escorts are now doing about 20k its a viable project. Please feel free to come and see the car. Happy to put it up on the ramp. Also happy to send lots more pics if required.
Delivery can be arranged if required please ask for a quote.
Thanks for looking


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