Ford Escort 1600 Sport

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£12 995.00

Condition of Car: 

Very Solid Example. Needs light restoration

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  • For Sale

1980 Ford Escort 1600 Sport. RHD Import from South Africa. All tax and duty paid and UK registration has been applied for. Most of the car is very original and never been welded underneath. It has however had a previous bump on the OSF which has been repaired by a blind panel beater after drinking 3 bottles of tequila. Once you sort this out it will make a decent shell / project.

Body - MK2 Escort export spec sport shell with similar strengthening at the front to our RS models. Floors are original as are the sills, arches, spare wheel well. Will need a minor repair on one front floor, and the tank well. The main bit needing work is the offside inner wing. Its had a bump and been fixed badly. It will need an inner wing and outer wing on that side for sure. Once you square this up and do the other minor repairs you will have a good shell. Paintwork looks exquisite in Bogging Biege and no doubt if your going to the bother of repairing it you will want to cheer up the paint a bit.

Mechanics - Car does start. Has had a pre engaged starter fitted and some of the wiring is a bit suspect but the engine does sound decent. 4 speed box and standard sport running gear. As with any old car this will need a good checkover from front to back and may need work on bushes/ bearings / brakes etc.

Interior - Standard Sport Interior. Good headcloth, door cards have speaker holes. Seats are original but are starting to show signs of wear.

Wheels - 4 x deep dish steel;s. One had a puncture so we have fitted a thinner one at the moment but the matching wheel is in the boot. Tyres look old and will need replacing

Good project car if your handy yourself. If your going to pay someone else to do all the work then it may not be financially viable. Your more than welcome to come and view it. We can put it up on the ramp. Delivery can be arranged if required. Please ask for a quote

Any questions please ask or call 07879 557668

Thanks for looking


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