Ford Cortina MK3 3.0 Pickup

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£7 995.00

Condition of Car: 

Very Good Original Car

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  • Sold

Ford Cortina Mk3 3.0 Pickup or Bakkie as they are known in South Africa. This is a genuine Ford factory built pickup which were not available here. Its extremely solid and tidy and looks to have been well looked after. All tax and duty has been paid and the NOVA declaration done. Its now also UK registered. This pickup probably started life as a 2.5 V6 but it was common to upgrade them to the 3.0

Body - Genuine factory built pickup. Similar to our P100 pickups but we only got these from a MK5. Fairly solid from front to back, only needing two minor repairs on rear cab floor. We can do these if required. Otherwise its all original underneath. Panel gaps are all good. Paint is pretty nice. Not a show winner but has attended plenty of shows in South Africa and has been much admired.

Mechanics - 3.0 V6 Essex with twin carb conversion, 4 speed box and standard running gear. Engine is good and nice and quiet and also goes like stink. This is a very quick old pickup even by modern standards, Gearbox is fine as are the clutch and brakes. Carbs may need a bit tweaking due to the different climate but it drove fine on the short test drive..

Interior. - Bench seat which has been recovered. Would benefit from a good clean or a further retrim. Good door cards and headlining.

Wheels - Lovely aftermarket trims if you like dustbin lids. Some of the boys here like them, personally I hate them. The back tyres are pretty bald, presumably from a bit over exuberant driving. After driving it I can understand why as it goes well. If your mad enough to want to keep these wheels then Ill put new rear tyres on. If your planning on replacing the wheels then we wont bother.

Cracking old truck this, which is rapid. Please feel free to come and see it. We have a ramp so you can look underneath. delivery can be arranged if required. Please ask for a quote

Any questions please ask or call 07879 557668

Thanks for looking


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